Sharif Bin Othman Al-Amn

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Race: Human Height & Weight: 5’2”, 140 lb Age: 24
Alignment: Neutral Other: black hair, brown eyes

Strength: 4 (-2 to hit, -1 damage
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 11
Constitution: 10 (resurrection survival 50%, spell
survival 55%)
Dexterity: 13 (+1 to hit with missile weapons, +5%
Charisma: 11 (4 hirelings)

Character Class
Mountebank (variant thief)
• Level: 1
• Hit Dice: 1d4
• Move Silently: 20%
• Hide in Shadows: 10%
• Hear Noise: -2
• +1d4 to reaction table rolls
• Expereince: 0 (1,250 to next level)


Sharif is the 3rd son of Othman, a court official of some note in
Amn. He has shown some talent for diplomacy, and
unfortunately also a great talent for lechery, gambling, and
other such goings on. His exploits have gotten him into some
disfavor, and the Rahib’s expedition has allowed Othman a
way to get his troublesome son away from court while saving
face. Who knows, the boy may actually survive & make
something of himself.

Sharif is naturally curious & gregarious, and looks at the
expedition as yet another entertaining diversion as well as an
opportunity to make some much-needed cash now that father
has cut him off. He carries his charter from the Rahib like a
religious talisman, and will readily wave it around for
emphasis if the need arises (or not). Rarely will he let others
actually read it.

Sharif Bin Othman Al-Amn

Al Maghrib (OD&D 1974) exploration campaign Strithe